Adapting to your new glasses

Adaptation to any new Lenses

Although most individuals experience little or no symptoms of adaptation to new eyeglasses, it can take up to 4 weeks to fully adapt. Here are a few things to consider:

Wear your glasses as much as possible for quicker adaptation. By doing so, even if you don’t require them all the time, you will likely adapt to your new glasses much quicker.

It is your brain (and not your eyes) that usually needs the time to adapt to any new glasses. This is especially true even with minor prescription changes. Initially your glasses may feel ‘too strong’, you may experience some initial depth perception changes and find yourself consciously turning your head in order to obtain the best vision. During this time it is also common to experience mild and short eye aches.

Adaptation to Progressive Lenses

Here are some things to keep in mind while adjusting to progressive lenses for the first time.

Head up, eyes down and move the reading material at first. To find the best clarity for reading up close, when you first get your lenses, hold your head still, lower your eyes, and then move the reading material left and right to locate the clearest spot.

Turn your head when you look at something down and out to the side. This allows you to always look through the central area of your lenses. Initially, you may notice a slight distortion in your periphery when you move your head side to side, but you will not be aware of this after a short period of time.

Remember that the lower reading area of your glasses is made to focus at a near distance. If you need to look down at something with your progressive lenses on (such as going down street curbs or stairs), you simply tilt your head down more than you usually would so you are looking through the distance prescription portion, and over the reading portion of your progressive lenses.

Walk before you drive. You should not drive in your progressive lenses until you feel comfortable in them while walking in and around your home.

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